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The Tim Ferris Show

The man is a machine! Tim discusses optimisation techniques with world class guests covering many topics from health, fitness and spirituality to tech, business and entertainment. If you want a podcast to pump you up on the way to work, or get motivated into hitting the gym, this is the best of its kind.

Tim is an author, you may have heard of the 4 hour work week, and seems to know everything about anything, almost to a point that it’s de-motivating – how can one person know so much!? However, he’s got a nice tone, and gives so many pointers, you’ll need a pen, paper and your finger hovering over pause so you can jot down links etc.

Things I’ve picked up from this show:

  • The Tao of Seneca
  • Morning Pages – daily meditations
  • Fasting
  • Motivation and learning techniques


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